Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Script #2

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Script #2

Welcome to our Hypnosis Scripts for Weight Loss Series. You have landed on Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Script #2. This is a series of hypnosis scripts we wrote to influence motivation for healthy eating, exercise, and self-care that will ultimately result in better health and weight loss.

For Discussion Before Hypnosis

These discussion points are to help guide your pre-hypnosis discussion. Please use these are a jumping off point to create your own discussion with your clients and to personalize their hypnosis session.

  • Ask how they felt after last weeks hypnosis session.
  • Have them mention a success for the week.
  • Focus on starting over everyday and celebrating the small wins.
  • This script focuses on the Journey of Weight Loss and where we are right now on the path. We need to enjoy our bodies at EVERY stage in our process. Remember, all we have is THIS moment and we need to enjoy it fully. This means accepting ourselves even as we move through our journey of weight loss.
  • Staying energized and in your transformational state is very important. Only accepting positive thoughts towards yourself.
  • Partner “NLP” experience for reaching your ideal self: Transformation Circle

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Script

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Hypnosis Weight Loss Script #2 Induction:

Extend out one leg and then the other to the floor about 2 feet away from each other with your toes open to the sides. Relax your arms to each side of your body with your palms to the ceiling. Arms about a foot from your body on each side. Now just relax and let all of your muscle groups let go.

Close your eyes and let's focus on your breathing. Take in a few nice, deep, easy breaths and slowly exhale. Let your breath fill your entire body keeping you warm and calm. Feel the relaxation as I speak.

Let your breathing become natural, not forced as we relax our whole body, starting with your feet. Let your toes fall open to the sides and relax your feet, your ankles up to your knees. Let your knees fall open as you relax all the way up to your hips letting them fall open with your exhale.

Relax your fingers, relax your palms and your wrists all the way up to your elbows, up to your shoulders. Let your abdomen relax and the muscles in your back relax. Let your chest fall open. Relax your neck, your jaw, nose, eyes and forehead. All the way to the top of your head. With every breath, you are feeling better and better.

You may begin to notice as you are laying there are certain feelings in your body. You may feel a numbness in your arms or legs. You may feel a tingling in your hands or elsewhere.

You may also experience a lightness in your body or you may even experience a heaviness...

You now can tap into your imagination more than you ever have been able to before, and right now you can easily use your mind to bring yourself to a place where you are totally safe, relaxed and present. Maybe you can imagine or see a favorite place in your life or even just a place in your mind. Bring yourself there to this place and allow yourself to experience all of the different sights, smells, and emotions of being here and safe.

You can stay there, and I will begin to count from 10 to 1 and with every number you will go deeper into hypnosis. 10 deeper and deeper now 9 all the way down deep 8 tired and drowsy 7 just letting go now. 6 5 tired, letting go now. 4 3 deeper and deeper 2 And finally 1, deep, deep, deep hypnosis where your mind is open and your body is relaxed. So much so, that it seems to disapear.


You have at your disposal the power of your own imagination. You already know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true for your mind's subconscious inspiration. With that in mind, I would like you to now picture yourself in as much detail as possible, outside of your home. Right in front of the place that you live. Picture your body as it is now and add emotions to your visualizations of excitement and expectancy.

As you stand in front of your home, appearing before you now is a path. It is a new path, but it feels very familiar to you. See this path appearing in great length and detail. This is your life's journey and looking down the road makes you peaceful and happy. You realize now that your past has brought you to this place, and for that you are grateful. You realize that the future of this path leads to weight loss and self-satisfaction, but you also realize that the most important place on this path is where you are RIGHT NOW. This very moment.

Allow yourself to start walking along this path, being mindful of all the sights and sounds, as I continue to lead you and your continue to make changes.

You now understand that results will come, but not without you using this moment, this day, to work through your goals and to enjoy your successes. You are now on a journey towards permanent weight loss and self-satisfaction.

Along your path, you are now finding more ways to love and take care of yourself. You are being kind to yourself. There is no more guilt in your life towards exercise or food. You take the time each week to plan out your exercise and healthy eating routines, making sure to give yourself every opportunity for success. If during the week you miss an exercise session or eat incorrectly, that is okay. You are okay and there is no need to punish yourself. Life is not all or nothing. You now realize your life is a journey and every moment is a step. Every miss-step is an opportunity to learn and can easily be corrected by your next few steps.

You are enjoying exercise even more each day. Being active gives you a sense of freedom, excitement and amazement. I would like you to think right now of a time in your life where you really enjoyed movement or exercise. A time where you felt successful in your body. Visualize the details of this event with color, texture, smell, sound and emotion. Let the success of that moment fill your body. Let a small smile even come over your face right now. Remind yourself of how you felt and let those feelings radiate in your body, mind and spirit.

Now let all these powerful thoughts and emotions all centralize in a glowing sphere of light in your mind. Let the light sink to the very back of your head, to the furthest part of your mind where you keep all of your learned behaviors, thoughts and emotions. This success will now always be with you as an inspiration as you take each step. You are learning more and more about yourself on this journey and you are taking what you learn to improve yourself and to inspire others. You are an inspiration to everyone around you.

As you continue walking in this path, your inspiration swells within you...your internal motivation is now backed by your subconscious mind. You will succeed, one day at a time. You will enjoy life, one day at a time. You are losing weight, one day at a time, as you learn to relax and your body learns to burn fat to keep you energized and healthy.

In a moment I will count from one to five, and as I count, you can slowly awake yourself from hypnosis.

1 Breathing begining to deepen

2 Body coming to awareness of the room

3 Wiggling through your fingers and toes

4 Eyes beginning to open...and

5 Full awake, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

Final Thoughts on Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Script #2

Understand that nothing is instant. Getting healthy and practicing self care is our first priority. Weight loss is one positive result of the love and care we show towards our bodies and minds. It doesn’t come easily, but hypnosis helps us get there. We can use the power of our subconscious mind to BECOME people that live healthy, naturally. Even, effortlessly.

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