Free Weight Loss Program Online – An Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight

Welcome to our Free Weight Loss Online Program. We are glad to have you.

You CAN win at this game.

You can develop an inner inspiration that never tires, that makes your good behaviors and your positive thoughts HABIT. And you can do this Better and Faster with the harnessing of your body and mind with our weight loss program.

Start your Weight Loss Journey

Your journey with Hyp-Yoga is a partnership. For success to happen you hold up your end, and we will hold up ours.

Your responsibilities include:

  1. Moving from knowing that you need to lose weight, to wanting to lose weight.
  2. Creating a clear weight loss intention and expectation of your results.
  3. Finally, having a commitment to reaching your goals.

On our end, we promise to:

  1. Guide you through your weight loss journey with behavior changing tools.
  2. Teach you how to connect your mind and your body for powerful weight loss results.
  3. Educate you on to re-frame thought patterns that are blocking your success.
  4. Support you in the whole way through your journey through articles and education.

Our Weight Loss Program includes:

We have the program broken out into weeks, but you can go through all the materials at your own pace. There is a lot of reading and information to process in some weeks, so take it slow if necessary. Just make sure you are absorbing the material and have time to mentally process it.

Exercise and Behavior Change

The Hyp-Yoga weight loss program has grown over the years. In the beginning, it was just our yoga classes with hypnosis at the end, and it was great! Even with just the basic elements of yoga and hypnosis together, we saw excellent results. We produced two hyp-yoga videos and we have many different hypnosis audio sessions that you can use online for free now. You will find links to them on this master page for the program.


Then, we added our nutrition component. This part of our program draws heavily on Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga) to help us lose weight naturally through whole food eating and learning about our bodies metabolisms. We will have links for you on this page on how to go through the eating portion of this program as well.

This is a Dynamic Program – Stay up to Date!

You can follow this ultimate guide to weight loss. We add tools and steps to the journey often. So, to be included in the program updates, please sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to day.

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How Hypnosis for Weight Loss +Yoga Works

Before we start with the week to week “homework,” we need to get everyone up to speed on all the tools this program uses. Let’s start with yoga and hypnosis, or as we like to call it, Hyp-Yoga.

Tap into your body’s natural renewal system. You have everything already inside you to stay young, healthy and vibrant for life.Hyp-Yoga is the evolution of mind-body fitness that guides you through the journey of reaching your goals while staying balanced and in the present moment. Yoga is a powerful tool that allows us to reconnect with ourselves and to rejuvenate. Hyp-Yoga take us another step into this natural process by connecting what our mind wants with our actual behaviors.Whether you are working on specific goals (such as releasing stress or eating healthier) or just wanting to reach a younger, happier you, Hyp-Yoga is for you. Hyp-Yoga is the natural, most effective way to change your mind and change your body.

What is Hyp-Yoga?

At Hyp-Yoga we promote “Conscious Living with Subconscious Help.”

What dose this mean? Let’s break it down.

  • Conscious Living – this means living a brilliant, vibrant life. Fully alive and in the present moment. A mindful, meaningful life.
  • The second part? with…
    Subconscious Help – your Motivation is like a muscle and with overuse – it will tire – But… if you tap into the power of your subconscious mind – the part of your mind that never tires, that never stops or tires and regulates your blood pressure, your heart beat, your breathing and even your metabolism.

Why Hypnosis for Weight Loss + Yoga Works

In Hyp-Yoga, your mind will learn how to bring itself to a relaxed, calm state where your body will have the chance to make the positive changes it desperately needs to keep you healthy and energized. Your mind is so powerful! Think about this: every thought or idea in your mind has a corresponding physical reaction in your body. In other words, you are and will become what you think.

Common examples of this are worrying leading to acid reflex, public speaking leading to a quickened pulse, and sickness as a result of depression. From these reactions, we can correctly assume that your body’s weight level is connected to your thoughts. If you constantly tell yourself you are overweight or fat, you will either stay overweight or become overweight if you are not already. Your body will organically morph into what you think of yourself. It would be wise, knowing this, to only think positive, powerful thoughts that can bring you closer to your ideal self.

With this Hyp-Yoga Program, your body will start become younger, leaner and more energized as you learn to let it rest and repair itself. More importantly, you will keep create new healthy behaviors that will stick because you will be subconsciously motivated by the beneficial suggestions and encouragements you will receive with Hyp-Yoga.

In your Hyp-Yoga classes you will experience a restorative yoga class that will prepare your body to receive these suggestions in a deeper level of relaxation and hypnosis than you would might otherwise be able to achieve. Outside of class, you will learn how to apply your class techniques in everyday tasks and activities.

Hyp-Yoga classes are for everyone. The online yoga videos have suggestions for weight loss at the end. However, anyone on a health and wellness journey can benefit not just from the exercise, but also from the hypnosis at the end. Even if you do not have weight to lose, our hypnosis has suggestions for everyone that wants to eat healthier, love exercising, and live life to the fullest.

What Happens in a Hyp-Yoga Video?                 

Your Hyp-Yoga Class will be relaxing, positive and successful, whether it is your first class or your hundredth.

Our online video classes include:

  • A brief introduction
  • Breathing exercises
  • A series of yoga poses and flows with positive hypnotic suggestions
  • A whole body relaxation into a deeper state of hypnosis
  • Positive hypnotic suggestions focused on helping you achieve weight loss goals and living a healthy life

Hyp-Yoga Classes have been pre-scripted and pre-organized by Certified Professionals in both yoga and hypnotherapy. Your personal teacher is a Certified Hyp-Yoga Instructor and has gone through rigorous training in order to lead you through your practice effectively. Your instructor has been given tested and proven-effective materials to work with to best meet your needs and the needs of the class

Also note, our program is not to take the place of a doctor’s care. Make sure you are cleared for exercise. All of our programs are for entertainment purposes only. When you participate in our program, you are assuming all risk.

What is Yoga?

Yoga literally means union. In Hyp-Yoga we are dealing with the union of our body and our mind. Once we are able to truly tap into this power we can use this power to help ourselves and to help others. In our Hyp-Yoga Class, we do our yoga for preparation for hypnosis at the end. Yoga helps us to open up our bodies and our hearts, making us more willing to accept new ideas about ourselves and preparing us for a successful hypnosis experience.

What is Yoga?

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness where you are using more of your mind than you usually do. The average person uses about 10% of his brain at any present moment. Hypnosis lets us relax and use 100% of our mind to create habits, positive affirmations and change behaviors with the help of our subconscious mind.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is useful for helping you lose weight, reprogram negative behaviour, improve self-confidence, enhance skills, control pain, and reach many other goals. When we put hypnosis with yoga we are increasing the effectiveness of your exercise practice and bringing you closer to the healthiest, fittest, calmest you.

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness. This means that when you are in hypnosis you are more aware of yourself, and what you are focusing on, than when you are in a normal state. You might not realize this, but you enter into a hypnotic state fairly regularly – sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

Whenever you find yourself in a daydream, you are in hypnosis, or if you are driving down the road and “space out” only to find yourself safely down the road a few moments later, you are in hypnosis. Getting lost in a book or getting emotionally involved in a movie – like crying or screaming – are also good examples of being in hypnosis.

You are not asleep in hypnosis, but more aware of what is going on than you are ever on a normal basis. In normal life occurrences we only use a small percentage, maybe 5-10% of our brain, to focus on the tasks at hand.

Hypnosis brings us to a place where we are so relaxed that we can use 100% of our brain to focus on a task at hand. With all of your mind focused on a certain task, there is nothing left to be preoccupied with other problems!

An important point to remember is that you are in control of yourself at all times in hypnosis. You will not do anything you do not want to do, and you can come out of hypnosis when ever you want.

Any person who is not mentally challenged or under a certain age can be hypnotized. Just be open to it.

When you are in hypnosis you are bringing your subconscious mind to the forefront. This is the part of your mind that controls your metabolism, your body’s functions, and your emotions. It is the illogical part of your brain. By using this part of your brain you are tapping into a powerful part of your mind that never stops working. When we give positive suggestions to your subconscious mind it takes in these suggestions without logic and starts working on them – it keeps working even when you are not thinking about it. Think about how powerful this can be for your goals. You won’t just have to rely on your willpower alone anymore!

So, knowing all that, let’s get started…

Yoga and Hypnosis for Weight Loss Week One

Week one of your Hyp-Yoga weight loss journey begins with a peaceful celebration, focusing on the joy of a fresh start. This really is the first day of the rest of our lives and we are going to enjoy it, as well as every other day this week.

– What do you really have but this present moment? When we realize all we have is right now, that changes our perspective not only on what we do, but how we are while we are doing it. This is our state of being, and we are being present. In effect this does reflect who we truly are – I AM present, calm and joyful and peaceful, or I AM frustrated, bored, depressed, fatigued and anxious.

– Why would we do, let alone stick with, any diet, exercise or activity if it made us bored, depressed, anxious or fatigued? If we want our “diet” or exercise routine to be a part of our daily lives, we need to make it enjoyable and rewarding. Forget “no pain, no gain.” We are now focusing on activities that help PREVENT our stress and calm our spirits, while toning our bodies. This doesn’t mean that we stay away from high impact activities, it just means that we find ones that build us up instead of breaking us down.

It’s time to start asking the hard questions to determine where we are and how we got there.

– We understand that in order to change the way we look and feel we must change our behaviors for the rest of our lives. This means that we MUST ENJOY what we eat and what we do.

We are going to brainstorm right now thing we love and make our lives better.

Hyp-Yoga – Yoga + Hypnosis for Weight Loss Class One

Access our Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss Session One Class here for Free!

Week One Homework

The Relationship of Weight Loss with Your Mind + Your Body

Your Mind, you use it every day for such mundane purposes as breathing, eating or driving. You also use it for extraordinary purposes such as learning, teaching, discovering, loving, and creating. Even with all the tasks we give our mind, we could be doing so much more…

Your subconscious mind is the part of your mind that regulates your body, makes your heart beat, speeds up or slows down your metabolism, controls your blood pressure, and keeps you alive. It is also the part of your brain where your emotions are created. By bringing this part of your brain to the forefront, you can make positive changes in your body’s functions and in your emotional states faster than you otherwise could handle.

Your Body is the temple for your mind. They are inseparable fortunately – making it hard to “lose your mind” physically, even though this is very possible emotionally. It may seem obvious how these two are connected, but this alliance might be even more powerful than it’s given credit for.

Remember, every thought or idea in your mind has an equal physical reaction in your body. In other words, you are and will become what you think. According to Board Certified Hypnotist, John Page in his Jan/Feb 2007 NGH Journal article, more people die on Mondays from heart attacks and suicides than any other day because people think about how awful it is to go back to work.

We need to think positive, powerful thoughts that can bring you closer to your ideal self.

Your task this week is to be more aware of your thoughts towards your body. We will do this by starting to program your self and learning the first step to self-hypnosis. Every night before you go to sleep, say ten times in your head, “Every day, in every way, I get better and better.” As you say this ten times, picture yourself doing what you need to do to get better and better. Also, see yourself how you want to be in your ideal weight and figure.

You already know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so use these pictures you create in your head to bring you changes faster than you ever have experienced before.

Next week we will layer on more, powerful suggestions to the foundation we have created this week. Your homework will also help your mind get use to proper programming and as a result will soak up information and suggestions quicker and more effectively.

Week Two Hypnosis for Weight Loss

What makes us unhealthy? Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, history of family illness, stress, depression, lack of sleep, etc. Wouldn’t you say most of these things are in our control? For the items that are not, isn’t it in our benefit to take measures towards prevention?

You, like most Americans are aware that you need to eat right and exercise regularly. That doesn’t mean that you do it, but you are at least aware. You also know that doing these two activities will put you on a path toward attaining a healthy body and mind; however, like most Americans, you are on the slow path to your destination. You are on a gravel road, filled with potholes, when you could be on the smooth highway of success.

This is the highway of stress control, relaxation, and rejuvenation. You might think, “I don’t have time for relaxation. I don’t even have time for sleep!” Studies have now shown that you need to make time, or you really won’t have time – here on earth! According to Yoga Journal’s article “Metabolic Makeover”, chronic stress leads to greater fat storage in your body, especially in your midsection. This is the most dangerous type of fat because it leads to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. 1

If you have stress, and if you have midsection padding, take heart! By starting this Hyp-Yoga class you have put yourself at the beginning of the correct path. By doing the relaxing type of yoga we do in Hyp-Yoga class, you are automatically putting less weight on your belly! Moreover, in body composition studies, researchers have found that the practice of yoga reduced body weight by as much as 13.6%.1 This is as much from the relaxation and rejuvenation your body receives during the class as the challenge of your muscles.

Your body will repair itself and bring you to a healthier, happier state when you allow it to rest and move in restorative ways (i.e. in yoga poses). These repairs will lead you to weight loss and less fat in your midsection. Remember, the distance to weight loss on the relaxation highway is the same as the gravel road most brave, but the speed you can travel, is significantly greater. Who doesn’t need an energy boost!

Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss Class Two

Access Weight Loss Class Two Free Here as well.

Your task this week is to take time to relax and clear your mind.

You will do this by practicing a 2-3 minute meditation at least three times (hopefully everyday!) in the next seven days leading up to our next class.

Seated Meditation: Sit comfortably in a chair, or on the floor, with your back straight and your hands resting on your knees. In a moment, you will close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Breathe in filling up your stomach and then your chest. Hold your breath as you count down from 3 to 1 before you exhale through your mouth or nose. Do that twice before you assume regular deep breathing. As you breathe, start counting from 25 to 1 slowly. When you reach one, count forwards from 1 to 3 and open your eyes.

Rejuvenate: Also, try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. You will see weight loss results faster when your body has a chance to rest and recharge fully!

1Metabolic Makeover, Yoga Journal

Week Three Weight Loss and Hypnosis

Please repeat your video hyp-yoga yoga workouts from week one and week two for the following weeks. You can use this hypnosis session three in place of or in addition to the hypnosis on the video class.

This week, in our homework we will work on writing goals. But, before we get there, let’s talk about the place we should be coming from when we set goals.

How we set our goals can be even more important that what they are. Having the correct focus in the first place and setting the “right” goals is important in keeping us “yogic” and conscious. When we have incorrect goals or superficial goals we end up striving and struggling through them and end up feeling defeated or helpless.

When we become “goal-oriented” people we often start attaching our self-worth and identity to achieving these goals. Attachment to the outcome is against our yoga teachings of enjoying the work as we do it and accepting the results apart from our identity. All of this can certainly lead to stress and anxiety, which now know is exactly the opposite of what we truly need to start and keep losing weight.

If you struggle with anxiety, your meditation and hypnosis practice will help. Just remembering to breathe through your nose, from deep in your belly, is an excellent start.

Our lesson is to set goals and then to LET THEM GO. Send them out to the universe like a prayer and trust that your journey, if approached with humility and openness, will lead you to discovering your true self – healthy, fit and fulfilled.

Session Three Hypnosis Session

Week Three Homework

Your task this week is to give yourself positive suggestions in light self-induced hypnosis. You have been doing so wonderful these last couple weeks! You might not have known it, but you have already taught yourself the first step you need to be able to do self-hypnosis. In the first week you learned how to give yourself suggestions by saying and seeing yourself get better every day. Last week you learned how to put yourself in a light hypnosis with the seated meditation exercise for 2 to 3 minutes.

This week you will do your seated meditation again, but this time you will focus on a specific suggestion you will give yourself. At the beginning on your third Hyp-Yoga class you will write down a short, positive goal on an index card. Use this card in your exercises this week.

Self-Hypnosis: Find a comfortable place to sit. Take your goal index card and read your goal again. After you have taken in your goal. Close your eyes, take in a deep breath from your diaphragm and hold it at the top. Count down from 3 to 1 before you exhale and relax. As you continue to breath deep say your goal to yourself, in you head, over and over. Just let the words flow through you mind and if they start to scramble themselves, or if you forget parts your words, that’s fine. Just let you mind flow and focus on the words that you do remember. When you think it has been about 2 to 3 minutes. Count forwards from 1 to 3 and open your eyes.

Writing Your Short, Positive Goal Exercise

Your Name: ________________________________ Date: __________________

One Weight Loss Goal: (examples: pounds to lose, certain foods to eat, behaviors to change) ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Make your Goal Specific:

(Answer the questions that apply)

With Whom?_______________________________________________________



How much?________________________________________________________

Set a deadline: _____________________________________________________

How will you know when you have reached your goal? ______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Rewrite your goal: in a short, but detailed, positive sentence on the bottom third of the page and then fold the sheet in thirds. Alternately, you may write your goal on an index card if that is easier for you to carry around with you.

Week Four Emotional Eating

Please repeat your video hyp-yoga yoga workouts from week one and week two for the following weeks. You can use this hypnosis session for emotional eating in place of or in addition to the hypnosis on the video class.

– Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. (

– “Stress and misguided eating habits have stripped the natural calm and silence from out bodies at the cellular level.” Dr. Chopra

– The problem is not the craving (we crave what we need, even if unhealthy) its the imbalance that led to the craving.

Identify what activities can take the place of emotional eating (have each person name 1 or2) Examples: Reading, Listening or Playing Music, Walking, Taking a bath, Playing, Talking with a Friend, Cleaning, Gardening, Creating art, writing in a journal, doing yoga, writing a letter, meditating, doing self-hypnosis, breathing)


We have two powerful tools to introduce to you this week to help you fight emotional eating and to mange cravings.

Tool for Eliminating a Craving

If you have an in the moment craving, then EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique has a powerful tool to help you win against cravings. CLICK HERE to access your EFT guide.

EFT Weight Loss Emotional Freedom Technique for reducing food cravings

NLP For Getting Rid of Specific Foods

If you need to reduce the amount of junk food or sugary foods that you crave, then this NLP tool is for you! Visit our NLP page here.

We all know which foods are “good” for us and which foods are “bad” for us. We know what we should and should not eat, but that does not mean we stay away from the “bad” foods. You have probably read countless articles telling you what you cannot eat. Sometimes these articles will leave you feeling guilty and unhealthy, but they still do not give you the drive to change your habits. Why can’t we just find or create the desire to eat healthy foods like we have for “bad” foods?

Using hypnosis, you can modify your interests and tastes for foods and increase your desire for healthy foods! Hypnosis allows you to attain your nutrition goals by reducing your desire for foods that are high in fat, sugar and other harmful elements. In your Hyp-Yoga classes you are receiving positive suggestions that give you the desire and ability to say “NO!” to the sugar/fat devil that sits on your shoulder subconsciously tempting you.

Hypnosis suggestions for reducing your quantity of calories and improving the quality of calories are very important to your subconscious programming. Just think of how wonderful it would be to crave a negative calorie food such as celery over a high calorie food such as chocolate chip cookies. (Negative calorie foods are foods that require your body to burn more calories digesting than the food actually contains!)

This week you will work on turning off one of your “bad” food cravings and replacing it with a good food you would like to eat more of. Think of a food that you know is bad for your body. Don’t think of your favorite “bad” food, but just a food that you automatically reach for at times that you know you should not. For example, if you get home from work and automatically reach for potato chips as you sit in front of the TV, this would be a good food to choose to replace. A food you would not want to choose is a food you absolutely adore, but only get maybe three or four times a year, such as cheese cake or wedding/birthday cake.

Now, hop on over to our NLP for Weight Loss Page and scroll down past the Transcendence Circle, and you will find our NLP for getting rid of a food craving.

NLP Weight Loss Script

Hypnosis for Emotional Eating

Emotional eating, stress eating, comfort eating, social eating – these can all derail weight loss efforts. You are not alone if you emotional eat. Fortunately, hypnosis can help. Enjoy this hypnosis session.

Week Five Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss Program

Last week we worked on setting goals and reaffirming your goals with self-hypnosis. Your mind is learning how to reshape itself to meet your goals and to give you the desire to create a healthy lifestyle. You are now ready to create an action plan that will make your healthy lifestyle attainable.

First you need to know, what are the elements of a healthy lifestyle? The first element is exercise. According to the American Council of Exercise, there are three parts every exercise program should have: aerobic exercise, strength and endurance conditioning and flexibility exercise.1 In your Hyp-Yoga class you are getting a dose of strength conditioning and flexibility exercise. We also give you hypnotic suggestions to reinforce your desires to do more aerobic exercise and endurance conditioning. If you have not been diligent in the past at working out aerobically, start slow with taking brisk walks or doing 20 minutes on an elliptical machine. Weight lifting is important to keep your bones strong, especially as we age. Doing free weights at home or going to a fitness club to use their machines are two ways to get in your lifting.

In addition to working your body, a well rounded plan includes eating correctly. Hyp-Yoga also gives you suggestions for eating the things your body needs at the right times. Following nutrition guild lines set by the American Heart Association will lead you to a heart-healthy lifestyle. You can find more information at, and we will discuss eating habits more next week.

The final part having a well rounded health plan is to take care of your spirit. You have already made the first critical step in taking care of your body by learning how to relax and rejuvenate. Your decision to take this Hyp-Yoga class was one of the best things you could have done for your body. In addition to learning to give your body the opportunity to rest and repair itself, your spirit needs guidance from God. Prayer and seeking out your beliefs nourishes your soul and turns your focus away from your problems to a greater good. Your spirit also craves time with friends and family. People are your most important gift here on earth and they only thing you can take with you when you leave.

Your task this week is to continue the self-hypnotic suggestions you started giving yourself last week. Remember, the more you practice self-hypnosis, the easier it will get. Also, every suggestion you give yourself will reinforce all the other positive suggestions you have received in hypnosis in your Hyp-Yoga Classes.

You may also write a new goal to work on this week if you feel ready. Use the goal worksheet from last week to make your goal positive, concise, and realistic.

Self-Hypnosis: Practice the same self-hypnosis as last week.

1Fit Facts: Three Things Every Exercise Program Should Have, The American Council on Exercise

Audio Session Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Please repeat your video hyp-yoga yoga workouts from week one and week two for the following weeks. You can use this hypnosis session in place of or in addition to the hypnosis on the video class.

For those that just want the hypnosis…

Just the Hypnosis Audio Session One (from the class).

This is the hypnosis only sections from our hyp-yoga program. We pulled it out for you to just experience the hypnosis if you would like to skip the yoga.

Session Two Hypnosis Audio (from the class)

Again, this is the hypnosis only sections from our hyp-yoga program. We pulled it out for you to just experience the hypnosis if you would like to skip the yoga.

This is just the start! Please sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all the updates and additions. We have been doing this program for years in studios and in person, but we are just now loading it all online for free use! Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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Final Thoughts, for Now…

Program Summary and Your Mission

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the 6 Week Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss Program. This has already been such an incredible journey, and it has only just begun. The yoga exercises you did, the suggestions you received, and the self-programming you learned will be your new, powerful tools to reach your goals. Let’s review all that we have learned.

Your Mind & Your Body: Your subconscious mind regulates your body’s systems and your emotions without you having to think about them. You can make positive changes in your body’s functions and in your emotional states by tapping into your subconscious mind. Thinking positive thoughts about your body will organically morph it into your ideal self.

Weight Loss and Yoga: By doing restorative yoga, you are automatically putting less weight on your belly. Your body repairs itself and brings you to a healthier, happier state when you allow it to rest and move in restorative ways (i.e. in yoga poses). These repairs will lead you to weight loss and less fat in your midsection.

Weight Loss and Hypnosis: Hypnosis makes weight loss easier by allowing direct access to your subconscious mind and aligning your subconscious beliefs with what you consciously want. With hypnosis you can learn to think differently and change your relationship towards food.

A Well Rounded Plan: A healthy lifestyle is a well rounded combination of three important elements: exercise, healthy eating, and spiritual fulfillment. There are three parts every exercise program should have: aerobic exercise, strength and endurance conditioning, and flexibility exercise. Healthy eating can be accomplished by following the nutrition recommendations of the American Heart Association. Spiritual fulfillment includes putting God in the correct place in your life, resting and rejuvenating your spirit and body, and spending time with the people you love.

Eating Right by Having the Correct Focus: Using hypnosis, you can modify your interests and tastes for foods and increase your desire for healthy foods. Hypnosis allows you to attain your nutrition goals by reducing your desire for foods that are high in fat, and sugar.

Self-Hypnosis and NLP: You also learned how to relax and to hypnotize yourself. In weeks one and two you learned the building blocks to successful self-hypnosis, and in week three and four, you put these blocks together to reach your goals with positive suggestions. In week five you learned a basic NLP technique to help you eliminate foods that were empty in nutrition and high in calories.

Your Mission is to use all these tools in your daily life to continue on your road to weight loss!

Remember, hypnotic suggestions are more powerful every time you hear them. Suggestions layer themselves on top of each other making your preceding layers stronger. For this reason, and for the reason that exercise and rejuvenation should always be a part of your daily life, we would love to have you back again in our Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss Class, or anywhere in our website! You will find that the benefits of exercise and hypnosis increase with every session.

Thank you for your participation and come back soon!


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What People Said About Hyp-Yoga Over Our Happy Years

“Finally! A Weight Loss Yoga Class for Real People with Real Bodies. I can do this!” Jennifer S.

“I lost 46 pounds with Hyp-Yoga and I’m still going! Everything about Hyp-Yoga has helped me in my process of losing weight and in other areas of my life as well…This is a great class for anyone of any age or shape.” ~Amy S.

“Adding Hyp-Yoga to my workout routine has helped me lose 36 pounds in 6 months and keep it off. I feel this class has helped to make healthier decisions to benefit my body and mind. I look forward to more success in a healthy lifestyle with the help of Hyp-Yoga! Thanks Hyp-Yoga!!!” ~Michelle W.

“[The part I enjoyed the most] was that the amount of it really did help me lose inches and weight. I got me to moving and that really helped me and I felt better after I did it. I was also accepted for what I could do…” ~ Jane N.

“My experience with Hyp-Yoga has been wonderful from the start. Carly & Stefany have helped me take the first steps necessary to reach my weight goals and (more importantly) reduce my stress level. I plan to keep going with yoga and likely hyp-yoga. It’s the best exercise program I’ve ever done! S.S. – Lost 30+ Lbs

”I have had Rhuematoid Arthritis since I was 14 years old. I am now 32. Hyp-yoga has helped me cope with the disease. Yoga, stretching and strengthening, is great for the joints. With RA, it is best to stay mobile, even through pain, because it will just get worse the more you stay in bed. Balance between down time and exercise is still needed. Hyp-yoga brings that to me easily. It helps me to eat healthy which is instrumental with disease control and assists with those problem areas. Mine in particular was sugar. Hypnosis also helps with another symptom, fatigue. It’s like getting in a “power nap”. It also gives me the confidence to know that I can do anything, even with limitations.” – M. G. – Lost 40+ Lbs

”Carly and Becky were both so much fun and great instructors. The experience was fantastic and I look forward to taking more classes in the future. Thanks!” ~C. R.

”My eating habits are changing. I’m not battling myself as much…I love how relaxed I feel afterwards. Interesting to know that deep hypnosis is equivalent to 2-3 hours of sleep….All the instructors are very friendly and make you feel welcome and comfortable.” ~M.G. – Lost 30+ Lbs

”I have seen how powerful my mind is, helping me loose weight with out me fighting to not eat.” ~Karen H.

”Great workout but not exhausting…I walk away feeling refreshed.” ~S. J.

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