What is Hyp-Yoga?

Over your lifespan you have become who you are. Every day, even moment up to this point has shaped who you are as a human being. Who you are encompasses your character, your behaviors, your habits, your thought and speech patterns, your dreams and desires, your tendencies, your beliefs and your experiences. It has taken years to develop parts of who you are, while other parts are just natural.

Think right now of something about yourself that you have worked at to develop. For example, an ability to appreciate jazz music, a talent such as playing the guitar, an accomplishment such as quitting smoking, a habit such as walking outdoors 3 times a week, or even the routine of making your bed everyday. How long did it take you to develop this behavior or attribute? Sometimes it takes us years to get to the place where behaviors or attributes are natural. We learn and un-learn both good and bad behaviors all the time in life and this is one of the ways we shape who we are, and as a result, it is a very important process – a process that unfortunately we take for granted and leave often to the whims of our current emotional state.

As we look towards what can make us look, act, feel and actually BE younger, we realize this life-long process to creating and developing attributes and behaviors is the KEY to success. It might seem overwhelming to think about. You might think “Everything I say or do is critical to shaping who I am! I need to be paying attention to this all the time and I just don’t have time for that.” You are right, one more thing to consciously think about is not what you need. What we do need is the ability to shape ourselves in positive ways without thinking about it all the time – this is what Hyp-Yoga can teach us (our bodies and our minds) to do!

Hyp-Yoga is a practice of mind/body awareness that brings you beyond the surface mind (the conscious) into the deep mind (the subconscious) and to develop attributes, feelings, thought patterns and behaviors faster and with less effort, allowing you to be who you truly are – your ideal self. We can use the power of our mind and body to stay young, healthy, motivated, energetic and present through the combination of hypnosis and yoga – two affective practices alone, and when fused together ignite the power of change in your life.

Why Hyp-Yoga Works

Your mind, body and spirit are interconnected in a way that when one is affected, the others equally are affected. Think about what happens when you someone gives you a personal complement, maybe you smile (physical) and feel uplifted (spiritual). What happens when you are very stressed or anxious? Maybe you get stomach cramps or heart burn, or you just can sleep at night (physical); maybe you get depressed or overwhelmed (spiritual). What we do or see will affect how we think, even if just a little. And the opposite is true, your body will organically morph into what you think of yourself. It would be wise, knowing this, to only think positive, powerful thoughts that can bring you closer to your ideal self. Spiritually, you will become what you believe and this affects what you do, and how you think. Everything is interconnected, and this is to our advantage.

In a Hyp-Yoga class we work with the body to move deeper into the mind. Hyp-Yoga is unique in how we treat the relationship of body movement with openness of the mind. Many classes or programs will bring you to the place where your mind, body and soul are open and ready to receive positive changes and then just leave you on your own to feel around in the dark for them. Your Hyp-Yoga practice always leads you through a journey of making the most out of your meditative states where change can occur by helping you see your personal big picture and then giving you positive suggestions and affirmations to get you there, all the while helping you enjoy the whole journey.

Your Hyp-Yoga program includes many different elements and tools that you can use to further your journey to being your ideal, youthful self. These include yoga, hypnosis, NLP, EFT, visualizations, self-hypnosis, and affirmations. In the next two sections we will look at our two major components, hypnosis and yoga. The other techniques will be described throughout the book; you can also find more information on our tools at www.hyp-yoga.com.