Hypnosis for Sleep

Hypnosis for Sleep

Hypnosis for sleep is a powerful way to slow down your body and mind and prepare you for a good night’s rest.

Free Hypnosis for Sleep Audio Session

Sleep Hypnosis Preparation

Thank you for joining me today for this enjoyable and extremely beneficial session. Sleep is a natural and necessary part of our lives. Sometimes in the midst of life’s excitements and worries, however, we can let our sleep cycles get out of kilter. Instead of letting a missed night of sleep pass by as an unwanted, yet normal occurrence, we sometimes begin to stress about it, causing more worry and more lost sleep. No worries! Here is a wonderful tool to relax you and use your powerful, subconscious mind to break that cycle of lost sleep and prepare you for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Let’s begin by going over a few practical suggestions to promote a better night’s sleep. First of all, try to give up caffeine consumption after mid to late afternoon. Remember that exercise is very beneficial to a good night’s sleep, but don’t exercise strenuously in the late evening. Gentle yoga and breathing exercises are fine. Know yourself. You know what relaxes you most– be it a warm, aromatic bath, an inspirational book, a cup of chamomile tea. Take the time for these rituals—it will be well worth it as you slip into a great night’s sleep.