Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking

Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking

Hypnosis for quitting smoking works. It is powerful, and successful when you are ready to make the change from a smoker to a non-smoker. We have a free smoking cessation hypnosis session for you below.

Before you begin the session, find a quite place to where you can rest. You can be sitting or even laying down comfortably.

Free Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking Session

Tips for Quitting Smoking

To partner with your hypnosis for smoking cessation session, we have a few tips from our clients who have quit over the years.

  • Make a list of reasons you quit smoking and include people you love in this list. Keep this with you as an encouragement.
  • Your body may crave sugar while you are adjusting to your new lifestyle, but feed it with natural sugars – eat lots of citrus fruits each day.
  • Drink lots of water to flush all toxins out of your system quickly.
  • Make sure to keep breathing. This is more important than you might think. Taking in deep breaths from all the way down in your belly will calm your body and keep your mind peaceful and relaxed.
  • Change your negative behaviors into positive ones. Did you usually smoke in the morning? Decide to floss then instead. Did you smoke in your car? Give your car a good cleaning and then stock it up with chewing gum. Find different places to take breaks at work or different ways to go about usual activities.
  • Take care of yourself during this journey. Read a good book, get a massage, exercise more, try meditation or yoga…anything that will make you feel relaxed and happy.
  • Allow yourself room for error. This is a journey and every moment is an opportunity to start fresh. Take this opportunity to be more aware in your life and enjoy each and every moment!

Thoughts on Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking

You are choosing a new identity as a non-smoker. Becoming a new version of you that is free and clean from your old habits. We are proud of you. Know that this is a journey. Please use this session as many times as you need. Every day if it helps. Depending on how ready and willing you are to take this transformational journey, you may need a little or a lot of reinforcement. That is okay. You are okay.

Also, please try out any of our yoga and hypnosis sessions for extra help in destressing and detoxing.

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