For Weight Loss How Much Water Should I Drink

Water is an important, if not obvious, part of staying healthy and functioning properly. However, the answer to the frequently asked question, for weight loss how much water should I drink, may not be as obvious of an answer.

The Magic of Water = Drink Water to Drop Weight

Are you really hungry or are you thirsty? Most of us are dehydrated and do not take in an adequate amount of water each day. Our body is telling us to drink more water but we mistake thirst for hunger.

  • We should be taking in one ounce of water for every kilogram of body weight.
  • Translation –  if you weigh 150lbs you are 68kg so you should be drinking 68 ounces or 8 glasses of water per day.

The next time you feel hungry try drinking a large glass of water first. Wait 10 minutes and you probably find that you are satisfied. Also drink a large glass of room temperature or warm water 20 minutes before a meal. It will help to fill your stomach up and give you a sensation of fullness more quickly as you eat.

Action Steps

  • Drink one large glass of HOT water every morning before you do anything else.
  • Hot water helps you flush your kidneys and opens up the digestive process for business. This is a simple first step in line with Ayurveda (our sister science to yoga.) Warm water is also very calming to your body, which will help you relax and keep your stress hormones down.
  • Proper assimilation and elimination = weight loss!

Water Weight Loss Drink Recipes

When you are trying to lose weight, there a a few water recipes that can help you enjoy the experience of drinking your water.

  • Water mixed with lemon and cayenne: Your warm water in the morning will taste great with one shake of cayenne and juice from half a small lemon mixed together. You will also get some Vitamin C and Potassium from the lemon. The spicy concoction is said to help wake up your body’s metabolism and help flush out the toxins so you can start your day fresh!
  • Water with cucumber and mint: For a more cooling and refreshing drink, try chopping up some mint and cucumbers and dropping them in a pitcher of water. You can have them sit in the fridge for a few hours to infuse the flavors before enjoying it.
  • So many different sparkling waters: These last few years have blessed us with a plethora of choices when it comes to sparkling waters (think la croix, and the likes). These are great choices to satisfy a craving since they have interesting flavored options that are sugar-free, calorie free and sodium free.

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