NLP Weight Loss Script

Just like our hypnosis tools or EFT, an NLP Weight Loss Script can offer another door into our subconscious mind. NLP allows us to change unwanted behaviors with self-reprogramming. It accomplishes this with a very focused type of visualization. Targeting our negative beliefs and allowing us the opportunity to replace them with positive beliefs, thoughts and habit.

We have a few different NLP inspired weight loss scripts we have been using through the years with our clients. We will get to those next. However, first we must address, what is NLP? (For those that might need an introduction, or even a refresher.

What is Neurolinguistic Programing? (What is NLP?)

If you are new to NLP, you many be wondering just, what is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? NLP is a behavioral technology, which simply means that it is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques about real-life behavior, and not a removed, scientific theorem.

It allows you to change, adopt or eliminate behaviors, as you desire, and gives you the ability to choose your mental, emotional, and physical states of well-being. NLP is a very “pragmatic technology based on an ability to produce your desired results.” As a result, it allows you to become proficient at creating your future!1

1What is NLP

We have two NLP Weight Loss Scripts for you. Note, that they are inspired by NLP and have been adopted by NLP trained professionals for our weight loss program needs for behavior change.

Transcendence Circle – An NLP Inspired Weight Loss Script

Feel free to use your own words and use this as a guide. The script is worded for working with a small group of people, but you can adopt it for yourself or for an individual session.

Standing straight and tall with your chest open and arms relaxed (in yoga’s mountain pose). Taking in our next deep easy breath and allowing our exhale to relax our entire body. We are moving into our Transcendence Circle. This is an empowering technique that uses Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP) to let you train your mind to see and feel yourself as you would like to be – your ideal self.

I know that we all have excellent imaginations. So let’s use them to aid in our weight loss efforts. So close your eyes and we’ll begin. Picture or imagine a circle right in front of you. Picture your circle big enough so that you could fit inside it. In that circle is all the tools, emotions and visions you will need to bring yourself to your ideal you.

Imagine first what the circle looks like – notice its color, shape, movement, its feelings and sounds. Now imagine that inside that circle is a vision of your ideal self. Imagine what your ideal self would look like, what it feels like, the emotions it has. Now mix all those visions and feelings into your circle so it all becomes part of the circle. So that when we step into the circle in a moment you can take on all these ideal qualities at once. Good.

On the next breath, we’re stepping into the circle drawing our fingers together into our hearts in prayer (or another mudra – hand placement – of your choice). Stepping in NOW. Experiencing our transcendence circle and allowing ourselves to take on all the qualities of our ideal self. Notice the wonderful feeling of your ideal self empowering you with the tools to bring our vision to a reality. Good. Stepping out.

Let’s do that again. On the next breath, we’re stepping into the circle drawing our fingers together into our hearts in prayer (or another mudra – hand placement – of your choice).

Feeling strong, capable, slim, beautiful (or handsome). Keeping our anchor mudra (hands) together this time as we step out – keeping all the circle’s power in our hands and with us always. Let’s bring that empowerment to our hearts (bring hands to heart). Good. Relaxing.

Now just drawing our hands together into our anchor mudra and still experiencing the power of your ideal self. Relaxing. Bringing this anchor mudra with you and using it though out your day whenever you need inspiration or the strength of your ideal self. Good.

NLP Weight Loss Script for Getting Rid of a Food Craving

  • Feel free to use your own words and use this as a guide. We wrote this script so you can do it on yourself (as well as with a client if you are a weight loss coach). We have you read, then close your eyes and do it. So, feel free to give a try by yourself!
  • Cravings for SPECIFIC foods are totally emotionally based. When your body is hungry, you will not crave only a specific food (like chocolate or pizza) you will crave food in general. In other words, true hunger is open to options. This script will help you to pre-emptively get rid of one of your routine comfort foods.
  • Remember, this script is something you do not in the heat of the moment, but to beat a craving before it even happens. If you are actually in the moment of a craving, then we suggest using the EFT tapping technique. (The EFT tool helps you to fight the cravings that come on like waves.)
  • You can use any visualizations that you find disgusting such as maggots, rotten meat, whatever is the most repelling thing you can think of – for liquids try putting in other gross liquids.

This NLP Weight Loss Script helps you turn off a specific food craving.

To start, think of a food that you know is bad for your body. Don’t think of your favorite dessert, but just a “junk” food that you automatically reach for at times that you know you should not. For example, if you get home from work and automatically reach for potato chips – this would be a good food habit to replace. A food you would not want to choose is a food you absolutely adore but only get a couple times a year.

Close your eyes and picture the food that you would like to replace; notice where this food is located in your mind. Notice how it looks and smells. Then open your eyes. Go ahead and do this…

Now close your eyes again and this time picture _________. (Insert your item that disgusts you.) For example, picture rotten meat that has been sitting in the sun and it so smelly and utterly disgusting. Put this gross image in a different location but still in front of you in your mind’s eye. Go ahead and do this…

Finally, close your eyes again and picture both images at the same time. They will be in their respective locations where you first imagined them. You will now begin to move the _____ (disgusting thing, i.e. stinky meat) over to the food you choose and move it on top of the food. Let them begin to merge into one image until the food takes on ALL of the qualities of the stinky, gross meat (or other visual you picked).

Open your eyes when you are done experiencing this terrible, smelly image. Go ahead and do this…

Now repeat this procedure a few times in a row if needed. In addition, you can repeat this daily for as long as you need to. Then, use it again on another junk food you want to get rid of.

Final Thoughts on our NLP Weight Loss Scripts

NLP has a thousand different applications. It is a fascinating “brain hack” that people all over the world use to change behaviors. As an addition to hypnosis, and our other behavior changing tools, you can take your weight loss efforts to the next level.

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