Diet Hypnosis Weight Loss Script 3

Welcome to our Hypnosis Scripts for Weight Loss Series. You have come to our diet hypnosis weight loss script 3. This is a series of hypnosis scripts we wrote to influence motivation for healthy eating, exercise, and self-care that will ultimately result in better health and weight loss.

For Discussion Before Hypnosis

To start, make sure you check in with your client to acknowledge,

  • How they felt after their last hypnosis session.
  • What was one (or more) success for their week.

Often, in our weight loss journey, we carry a lot of baggage. Hypnosis can help us to let go of our emotional baggage with the power of visualization and positive self-programming. As a result, this hypnosis script can lead to lightness of mind, as well as a lighter body.

Helping your client to address some of the issues that have been weighing them down, before the hypnosis, can help them to understand what they are letting go of. Negative images of themselves and negative thought patterns can be replaced in the subconscious mind by practicing hypnosis, visualization and affirmation often.

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Enjoy the script!

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Script

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The Power of Visualization and Affirmation”


Extend out one leg and then the other to the floor about 2 feet away from each other with your toes open to the sides. Relax your arms to each side of your body with your palms to the ceiling. Arms about a foot from your body on each side. Now just relax and let all of your muscle groups let go.

Close your eyes and let's focus on your breathing. Take in a few nice, deep, easy breaths and slowly exhale. Let your breath fill your entire body keeping you warm and calm. Feel the relaxation as I speak.

Let your breathing become natural, not forced as we relax our whole body, starting with your feet. Let your toes fall open to the sides and relax your feet, your ankles up to your knees. Let your knees fall open as you relax all the way up to your hips letting them fall open with your exhale.

Relax your fingers, relax your palms and your wrists all the way up to your elbows, up to your shoulders. Let your abdomen relax and the muscles in your back relax. Let your chest fall open. Relax your neck, your jaw, nose, eyes and forehead. All the way to the top of your head. With every breath, you are feeling better and better.

I would like you to use your vivid imagination to bring you to a wonderful, relaxing place. Imagine that is a mild spring day and you are feeling whole, beautiful and peaceful. You are dressed in comfortable clothes and are in a bungalow or small house on a beautiful beach. You are sitting in a very comfortable chair facing the ocean. You are in your own private house in your room. The room is very open and spacious with hard wood floors and flowy curtains.

As you sit in your comfortable chair you gaze out the window and feel the gentle ocean breeze on your face. Your scene is very serene and quite. No other person is around. Occasionally you may hear a seagull along with the waves in the ocean. You can look out this window as long as you like. Your body is calm and your worries have all faded away. No one is going to ask you for anything and you are free to do as you wish.

Enjoy the scene. You can stay there as you listen to the sound of my voice.

I will begin to count from 10 to 1, and with every number you will go deeper into hypnosis. 10 deeper and deeper now 9 all the way down deep 8 tired and drowsy 7 just letting go now. 6, 5 tired, letting go now. 4, 3 deeper and deeper 2 And finally 1, deep, deep, deep hypnosis where your subconscious mind is now in the forefront ready to make true what it hears...

Suggestions: Your health and beauty comes from within. The outside is affected by the inside. Whether or not you have been consciously aware of it, your emotions and thoughts have shaped what you look like today. They will continue to shape you day in and day out. You have the power to make yourself even more young, vibrant and healthy.

The more you think about exercise, the more and more you will crave it and enjoy doing it. The more you think about eating healthy foods in the correct portions, the more you will enjoy your meal times. The more you think about resting and enjoying life, the more appealing sleep and simplicity become.

You are learning how to take care of your body with sleep and rest. You are treating your body as you would your best friend. You are now taking time to do things for yourself that relaxes you and keeps you young and vibrant.... Things that you love, such as a massage or a bath.

You are creating a restoring ritual out of your daily hygiene and beauty routines. When you are washing your face be attuned to the feeling of the water running over your skin and tell yourself you are washing away all the cares of the day. When you are brushing your teeth, run through your mind an affirmation such as... I am calm, peaceful and successful. You will now see your shower time as a way to start fresh, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. See your shampooing as a way to massage your head stimulating thoughts of strong, full, beautiful hair.

Now relax, let's deepen our hypnotic trance as we let go and just focus on our breathing and our being. You are now appreciating more and more the miracle of eating and processing food as energy for your body. You are NOW releasing any stress related to food. You are breaking the bonds and chains of eating and are able to experience eating as a beautiful ritual and a rich experience.

The food you eat will strengthen your body. It will make you vibrant and full of energy. The food you eat will make you slim and trim. It will nourish and energize you. The healthy food that you now eat will balance your emotions. It will give you freedom to be more expressive and creative because you are so healthy. The energy of your food will become the energy of your body and your body will now be relaxed enough to burn your stores of fat to fuel your activities.

As you eat, you will now slow down and experience your food. You will enjoy every taste and sensation. You will feel good as you eat because you know that you are eating to satisfy your TRUE hunger. You will remind yourself consciously and subconsciously about how this food is giving you even more energy and vitality. Visualize yourself, imagine yourself becoming healthier as a result of the food you are currently eating. You will now stop eating when you are full. Your body will tell you when it is full and you are now so in tune with your body that you will now listen. You will stop immediately when you are full and feel completely satisfied.

You are eating three healthy meals a day. You are eating a good breakfast in the morning and a satisfying lunch and a smaller dinner. This will make your sugar levels steady and strong. You are craving foods such as whole wheats, vegetables, fruits. Craving the fruits and vegetables of the season such as _______________________. You are craving more nutrient rich foods, proteins and fibers. You are craving cool, tall glasses of water that will cleanse your body and leave you feeling young and glowing.

Now deepening again, as we let go and just focus on our breathing and our being. Visualize right now yourself doing your favorite exercise. Imagine in as much detail as possible, you engaging in the physical activity that brings you the most enjoyment. Now visualize yourself getting better, faster, stronger in this activity. Picture yourself becoming more flexible and leaner. Now feel that rush of energy over your body, feel the endorphins from your exercise sweep over your body renewing your sense of determination and your inner inspiration. You will now crave this movement in your body and the exercise you do will increase your energy and drive for life ten fold.

Your health and beauty comes from within. The outside is affected by the inside. Now you are consciously aware of it, and your emotions and thoughts are shaping what you look like today. They will continue to shape you day in and day out. You have the power to make yourself even more young, vibrant and healthy.

Good. Now enjoying these last few moments of hypnosis. Letting all the suggestions sink into your mind and become a part of who you are. Awakening slowly as I count from 1 to 5. 1..2..3..4..5. Opening your eyes, stretching your body and feeling great in every way.

Final Thoughts on Script #3

The more we can practice our hypnosis and visualization, the easier it will become a part of who we are. We are focused on moving forward, each day toward the person we know we can be. Staying positive and loving life as we journey through weight loss.

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