Weight Loss Script for Hypnosis

Weight Loss Script for Hypnosis

Hello! Welcome hypnotists, hypnotherapists, wellness coaches, yoga instructors, and all other health minded individuals. This is a popular weight loss script for hypnosis that we have been using for years. It is just one of our many powerful weight loss hypnosis scripts. We happen to have lots, and we are willing to share them with you at no cost.

On this page you will see discussion points to talk to your clients about before hypnosis. Then, you will see a section to help you personalize your script. Finally, you will find the free script, but it is initially blurry to protect it from spam. You will see instructions on how to access the script at no cost.

For Discussion Before Hypnosis

This discussion will help you to shape the weight loss hypnosis script. Please use the points as you need to prepare your client and to personalize their hypnosis session.

  • We want to begin our weight loss journey with a peaceful celebration, focusing on the joy of a fresh start. This really is the first day of the rest of our lives and we are going to enjoy it, as well as every other day this week.
  • What do you really have but this present moment? When we realize all we have is right now, that changes our perspective not only on what we do, but how we are while we are doing it. This is our state of being, and we are being present. In effect this does reflect who we truly are – I AM present, calm and joyful and peaceful, or I AM frustrated, bored, depressed, fatigued and anxious.
  • Why would we start, let alone stick with, any diet, exercise or activity if it made us bored, depressed, anxious or fatigued?
    • If we want our “diet” or exercise routine to be a part of our daily lives, we need to make it enjoyable and rewarding. Forget “no pain, no gain.”
    • We are now focusing on activities that help PREVENT our stress and calm our spirits, while toning our bodies. This doesn’t mean that we stay away from high impact activities, it just means that we find ones that build us up instead of breaking us down.
  • We understand that in order to change the way we look and feel we must change our behaviors for the rest of our lives. This means that we MUST ENJOY what we eat and what we do.

Weight Loss Script for Hypnosis Preparation

We are going to brainstorm right now thing we love and make our lives better. Toward the end of the weight loss hypnosis script, there are spaces for you to take these client answers and put them into the script. This will help you personalize their hypnosis experience and make it much more powerful.

Exercises and physical activities we love ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Healthy food we love ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Calming/Restoring activities or things we love


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Weight Loss Hypnosis Script #1

Hypnotic Induction:

Extend out one leg and then the other to the floor about 2 feet away from each other with your toes open to the sides. Relax your arms to each side of your body with your palms to the ceiling. Arms about a foot from your body on each side. Now just relax and let all of your muscle groups let go.

Close your eyes and let's focus on your breathing. Take in a few nice, deep, easy breaths and slowly exhale. Let your breath fill your entire body keeping you warm and calm. Feel the relaxation as I speak.

Let your breathing become natural, not forced as we relax our whole body, starting with your feet. Let your toes fall open to the sides and relax your feet, your ankles up to your knees. Let your knees fall open as you relax all the way up to your hips letting them fall open with your exhale.

Relax your fingers, relax your palms and your wrists all the way up to your elbows, up to your shoulders. Let your abdomen relax and the muscles in your back relax. Let your chest fall open. Relax your neck, your jaw, nose, eyes and forehead. All the way to the top of your head. With every breath, you are feeling better and better.

You may begin to notice as you are laying there are certain feelings in your body. You may feel a numbness in your arms or legs. You may feel a tingling (such as pins and needles) in your hands or elsewhere.

You may also experience a lightness in your body or you may even experience a heaviness...

If you experience a lightness it would feel buoyant as through you were floating above your comfortable place. If you experience a heaviness, it would feel as though you were sinking into the floor. Both of these feelings are very relaxing.

You now can tap into your imagination more than you ever have been able to before, and right now you can easily use your mind to bring yourself to a place where you are totally safe, relaxed and present. Maybe you can imagine or see a favorite place in your life or even just a place in your mind. Bring yourself there to this place and allow yourself to experience all of the different sights, smells, and emotions of being here and safe.

You can stay there, and I will begin to count from 10 to 1 and with every number you will go deeper into hypnosis. 10 deeper and deeper now 9 all the way down deep 8 tired and drowsy 7 just letting go now. 6 5 tired, letting go now. 4 3 deeper and deeper 2 And finally 1, deep, deep, deep hypnosis where your mind is open and your body is relaxed. So much so, that it seems to disappear.

Weight Loss Script Hypnotic Suggestions

Not only are your muscles relaxed, but every cell in your body is relaxing and releasing healing energy NOW. You are restoring calm to your nervous system – the central hub for everything you do – and your body and mind both know that this is the time to relax. You are safe and calm.

Picture right now your body as it is currently. Imagine in detail all the toll of your life weighing down your body and start to notice right now any negative emotions or words that you have let others give you or you have given yourself. Experience any negativity, shame, fatigue, stress or pressure you have felt in the past. This might bring up strong emotions or fears, but just allow yourself one more time to experience these feelings in this very safe place.

Today is the day that we will renew and start fresh – this is the first day of the rest of your life. Picture that right in front of you is a beautiful fall of water. This is cleansing, purifying water. In a moment we will step under that calm waterfall. Allow yourself to picture your current state of being. Now in your current body, step into the purifying waterfall and let it begin to wash away all negativity. It is NOW washing away any feelings of fear, doubt, and denial. It is freeing you of any physical, emotional and spiritual obstacles that were blocking your success in the past.

As all shame, guilt and disease washes away from our body, you are now noticing that the waterfall is restoring you. You are beginning to feel and peaceful energy developing in your body. You are developing a sense of determination and a deep knowledge of your own personal success. Your past success, your present success and the knowledge that you will be successful in the future.

The waterfall is washing away any excess fat and inches that you might currently be carrying and is now revealing your true body. The body you were intended to have. The body that is perfect for you. And as you realize this is your personal ideal body, it matters not what anyone else would have to say about you.

Stepping out of this cleansing fall, you notice that you still have your ideal body, and you will always have this ideal body image with you planted in your subconscious mind.

Just relax. Let your breath be calm and natural and let your body just be.

Now I wonder if you can go even deeper, deeper down into your body. In this present moment we can slow down so much that all stress disappears. And as stress disappears, you are activating the anti-oxidants in your cells as you relax knowing that your body can now restore you to youth and health as it clears away stress hormones and free radicals. You do not need these anymore. You are safe, relaxed and peaceful.

Your body is NOW creating the ability to metabolize fat as fuel. You are now metabolizing fat as fuel for your daily needs. This is because you are so relaxed and you allow your body the space and the freedom it needs. Life is not an emergency. Your life is calm and peaceful. Even through times of trouble, you are calm and relaxed. As you exercise, you are calm and relaxed. As you eat, you are calm and relaxed.

There is no reason to worry over your diet and exercise now, because you are enjoying the journey to your perfect health. You are taking care of yourself. Never punishing yourself. Always loving yourself, just as you do your best friend.

Feel right now an expansion through your heart center and you are filled with a lasting, unconditional love for yourself and for others. This love gives you a peace that allows you to feel joyful through all times – the happy times, the sad times, and the times of everyday life.

You are present, calm, joyful and peaceful. You enjoy exercising and you find activities that you love to do such as ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You are present, calm, joyful and peaceful. You enjoy eating healthy foods, at the right times, in the right portions. You are eating foods such as ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

These foods are right for your body, and you now only eat foods that are healthy and right for your body.

Finally you are taking care of yourself more and more each day. You are spending more time doing things that are nurturing and restoring to your soul, such as ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Good, now relax, knowing how exciting and wonderful this journey will be. You have already been successful in the first few steps and the next will be even more rewarding.

In a moment I will count from one to five, and as I count, you can slowly awake yourself from hypnosis. 1 Breathing begining to deepen 2 Body coming to awareness of the room 3 Wiggling through your fingers and toes 4 Eyes beginning to open...and 5 Full awake, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated Good. Now each time you practice hypnosis, you will enjoy it more and get even more from it.

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