Guided Hypnosis for Weight Loss Script 5

Guided Hypnosis for Weight Loss Script 5 is the final script from our original studio weight loss program. We have seen people lose significant amounts of weight over the years in this program, and it is still one of my very favorites. And not just for weight loss! Anyone who is on a health and wellness journey can benefit from this script.

This script is a part of a series of hypnosis scripts we wrote to influence motivation for healthy eating, exercise, and self-care that will ultimately result in better health and weight loss.

For Discussion Before Hypnosis

These discussion points are to help guide your pre-hypnosis discussion. Please use these as a jumping off point to create your own discussion with your clients and to personalize their hypnosis session.

  • Setting goals for our weight loss journey is important. Helping your clients set their own goals is a great step in their weight loss journey to success.
  • We are looking to be present and live in this moment, yet at the same time set goals and expectations for ourselves that take time to meet. This sound contradictory, but it’s really not. We can still enjoy the process of goal setting and the current step we are working on. Taking our goals step-by-step is important.
  • Having the correct focus in the first place and setting the “right” goals is important in keeping us calm and conscious. When we have incorrect goals or superficial goals we end up striving and struggling through them and end up feeling defeated or helpless. When we become “goal-oriented” people we often start attaching our self-worth and identity to achieving these goals. Attachment to the outcome is counterproductive to enjoying the work as we do it, and accepting the results apart from our identity. All of this can certainly lead to stress and anxiety, which now know is exactly the opposite of what we truly need to start and keep losing weight.
  • Our lesson is to set goals and then to LET THEM GO. Send them out to the universe like a prayer and trust that your journey, if approached with humility and openness, will lead you to discovering your true self – healthy, fit and fulfilled.
  • DRAWING FROM YOGA: Practice this today be having your client close their eyes with hands on their heart and bring to mind a goal or intention for the class. Then to honor that intention, tell them to let it go. Send it out into the universe like a prayer.
  • Ask them about their progress and their future goals.
  • Talk about successes along the way.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Script

This script is amazing. It is for everyone. (Not just for weight loss, although it is an important part of the weight loss experience.) We all have an inner light and a radiance that deserves to shine. This session will bring it out. This script also teaches us to listen to our body, and to know how to stop eating when we are full, among other very practical and powerful weight loss suggestions.

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Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss Script 5

You are Pure Energy” Induction:

Find a comfortable position and begin to slow your breath. Place your arms about a foot away from your body with your palms facing up. Place your feet about two feet apart and let your toes relax out to the sides. Just let yourself begin to drift easily, and let my voice be your guide to a wonderful place of calm.

Everything is easy, you do not have to do anything just drift, …easily and slowly. As you lie here I will count from 10 to 1. With each number that I say you will feel yourself become more and more relaxed. Every part of your body will just feel as though it is sinking into this amazing place of deep relaxation. Let’s begin,10, feel yourself relaxing, 9 deeper down, 8… just letting go now, 7, 6 relaxing even more deeply…5 feeling so completely calm and easy, 4 even deeper now.. 3, 2 so deeply relaxed, mind is open and feeling so good…. and finally 1. Completely relaxed, mind is open and ready for this journey today.


I would like you to use your wonderful vivid imagination and see yourself sitting in a beach chair near the ocean. This is the most comfortable chair and you feel so relaxed in this place. You look around and you see the sun is shining and the sky is so blue. There is a very blue sky and a gentle breeze is blowing and you hear the rustle of the leaves of a palm tree very near you. There is only beauty around you. Just take it all in and let yourself sink into this comfortable chair.

As you sit here in this deep wonderful state of relaxation look out in front of you and notice the light from the sun. Think of all of the heat and energy that is provided to us by the sun. Look around and see a palm tree. Now notice how the sun’s light hits the surface of the palms and how there are also shadows. See how the light affects everything. We have always understood that the sun is light and energy and it affects our world.

Now look down and see your body as the light touches it. Now realize that we too, are all energy. We are all light and our physical bodies are just the pieces and parts between that light. Our strong beautiful spirit is light, it is energy and it is everything we are inside. From the constant beat of our heart, to the blood pulsing through our veins we are energy. Your spirit makes it all alive and constantly moving and changing.

Think of how you have used your strength and your energy to accomplish great things in your life. You have done so many wonderful things, and now think about all of those people around you that you have affected. You are an amazing person and you now see that you can change anything by using your strong energy and spirit. There is no goal you cannot reach, no mountain you cannot climb, and no obstacle you cannot overcome. You are light, and your body is the vessel for your light.

From this moment on you will feel how strong your inner light is shining and you will radiate joy and happiness to others... You will inspire others with your tremendous energy and positive attitude. You will be sensitive to your own emotional well being and you will only participate in thoughts or activities that bring you even more joy and more energy. Your thoughts will guide you in your journey and you will now be more aware of your thoughts and let go of any old self-limiting messages you may have said to yourself.

Staying in a place of well being is now your main focus. You will be more attuned to your body than ever before. You will notice your body's need for hydration, nutrition, exercise and sleep. You will listen to your body... it has been telling you things for years and you may have ignored it. Your body will respond to anything that you ask of it because it functions in response to your energy and spirit. You now know that you can move easily and freely through this life by caring for your body and your spirit. Now just let yourself relax even more, just breathe and let go. Give your body this time to rejuvenate.

The foods you eat will reflect your own personal light and energy. You will now only eat foods that are a direct result of the sun’s light and the energy of the earth. You will give your body healthy fruits and vegetables that will give all of their nutrition to your body. You will only give your body healthy life giving foods in portions that your body asks for. Your body will tell you what it needs and you will now listen and be respectful of what your body is telling you.

You will move easily past cravings or temptations that may have drained your energy in the past. Really listening and being aware of your body’s energy level and what your body needs will become much easier to you. When you eat you will quickly notice that you are full, and you will stop eating. You are unaffected by what is left on your plate... listening to your body is your priority now.

Moving, exercising and finding strength and depth in your yoga practice will help you to honor you body and your mind. You will now be more motivated than ever to give your body the activities you need to bring joy, strength and flexibility... You will crave the opportunity to move and celebrate all that your body can do. Your awareness of your energy will propel you to new levels of fitness and vitality. You will also balance your activity with rest and deep sleep. You will make it a priority to get enough sleep to restore your body so you awaken feeling fantastic every morning.

You are pure energy and you are now more aware of this than ever. Feel the sensations of your body, the vessel, the temple that carries your energy. Being aware and present in your life is now your priority. You will take the time to connect with your breath, your body and your thoughts. This will be easy from now on and only positive thoughts and positive energy will be moving through you. You are perfection and your light shines more brightly than ever.

Know that all of these suggestions are firmly implanted in your mind and they will stay with you to be used in your life as you need them.


In a moment I will count from 1 to 5 and at the count of 5 you will be awake and alert.

1 becoming more aware of your surroundings 2 more alert now 3 Becoming awake and alert 4 Eyes wide open now 5 Fully awake and alert feeling wonderful in every way

Final Thoughts on Guided Hypnosis for Weight Loss Script 5

For this script, we want to inspire them to keep going, to realize that their journey to their ideal self never ends and their weight loss journey continues even after their time with you ends.

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