Professional Development Academy 2014

You want it all – success, confidence, promotion, recognition, satisfaction AND sanity.

That last one is the kicker for most people. How do you “have it all” while maintaining sanity – balance, peace, fun, and time for yourself?  There is a way! The Professional Development Academy (PDA) was created by your Hyp-Yoga Guru’s Kim, Carly and Becky in order to help YOU find and implement the secret to SUCCESS WITH SANITY.

The powerful part of this program, is it is NOT just lecture.  Most programs TELL you what to do to achieve your goals and then leave you on your own to implement the plan all by yourself. This most often fails right away or is quickly abandoned.   At PDA we actually implement our tools of change RIGHT THEN IN THE MEETINGS.  Then through out the weeks, you will feel more comfortable repeating the process at home, knowing that you will come back each week for continued support.

Your problems and obstacles and not in your body, in your workplace, in your co-workers, or in your competition – THEY ARE ALL IN YOUR HEAD – and whether real or imaginary, it is time to break them down. It’s your time to set yourself apart, to live your life as art and to discover the fascinating power of your brain to help you in achieving your dreams.

bw-kim-intuitive-head-shot-2013Your Trainer: Kim Isherwood is the CEO of Hyp-Yoga Inc.  She is a co-creator of the Hyp-Yoga Brand which has been successful all over the world with its Consumer DVDs, Audio Hypnosis Programs and Training/Licensing Systems.  Before Hyp-Yoga, Kim used her training as a Registered Nurse in medical device sales and also in various roles as a nurse, including managing the Nebraska Heart Institute.  Kim is a magnetic, powerful trainer that will give you what you need to create the professional life you want and the life balance that you need.

Here’s What You Need to Know…

  • The Professional Development Academy is an 8 Week Program that can be done in person or online via live video feed.
  • The Next Start Date is Monday, March 3, 2014. The classes are held at 7:15 pm CST and will be streamed live at that time.
  • The class will meet every Monday from 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm CST every Monday in March and April.
  • Sessions will be audio or video taped, but live participation is strongly encouraged
  • BONUS!!! As a gift, when you sign-up for the PDA Series, you will get 2 Months FREE of the Hyp-Yoga Professional Track Audio Subscription Program that contains Hypnosis and Yoga Downloads for Professional Development! ($20 value)
  • The class formats are designed to not just TELL you what to do, but to start you right then DOING the work to lead you to your success with sanity.
  • Classes include lecture, discussion, behavior/thought process changing tool implementation, and accountability.
  • PDA and Whole Self Development Academy Facebook Group Participation and Discussion between live meetings.
  • The Price is $147 for 8 weeks of classes. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT OF 10% off until Feb 10, 2014!


SPACES ARE LIMITED! You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to make REAL changes that will have a significant impact on your professional and personal life.  Not only is your success on the line – BUT SO IS YOUR SANITY.  Let’s get you registered.

Early Bird Discount in Effect Until Feb 10! Classes start March 3rd.

If you live in or near
Omaha, NE:


$147 ($132.30 Early Bird)

If you are a Monthly/Yearly Member at the Omaha Hyp-Yoga Studio – this is a FREE Workshop!  If you are not yet a member, you can register as a member for at least 3 months and get UNLIMITED Hyp-Yoga Classes and the PDA Series Free! (A fantastic deal).REGISTER BY BECOMING A MEMBER NOW
($99 a month for 3+ months, or $119 a month for 2 months.)

OR If you live in the US or Abroad:


$147 ($132.30 Early Bird)



Video: The Coolest Part of HY and the PDA Program

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