The Bliss Track


$9.97 a month (can cancel at anytime)

Each month you will receive, one short yoga session and one 10-15 min. hypnosis session designed to bring more happiness, awareness and balance into your life.  Hypnosis is your way to hack your brain – become a (even more) positive thinker and change negative behaviors into positive ones.  Hypnosis works best in repetition, so to get the most from your monthly session, we encourage you to practice your hyp-yoga at least 3x a week – everyday for best results!

Upcoming Monthly Hypnosis Sessions

OCT 2013 –  Growing Younger

NOV 2013 –  The Hourglass (Vibrant/Present Living)

DEC 2013 –  Cultivating Your Intuition

JAN 2014 –    A Clean Slate (Starting Fresh/Attracting Success)

FEB 2014 –   The Whisper Script (Love and Acceptance)

MAR 2014 –   Letting Go of the Past (Present Living)

APR 2014 –   The Feather (Confidence & Self Appreciation)

You can purchase back sessions (previous hypnosis titles) for $14.99 each.  Just click on the title from a previous month to purchase and download the hypnosis session.

$9.97 a month.
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