Benefits of Training

What are the Benefits of a Hyp-Yoga®/HY Weight Loss Partnership?


The Purpose of the Hyp-YogaLicensing Program is to ensure the success of our clients and your clients. Here is how we do it:


Market Appeal = $$$

Hyp-Yoga Classes SELL OUT and You Make Money! – Our instructors regularly call and tell us they already have waiting lists to get into their classes, and they have added multiple classes to their schedules that create even more revenue for their businesses and their instructors. This is because Hyp-Yoga makes yoga accessible to anyone and offers an intention or a focus for each class that makes changes in people’s lives. We have testimonials for you to read or watch at It is very common for instructors to make back their training fees and their licensing fees for the entire year by running just one 8 week Hyp-Yoga Class Session.

Our HYWeight Loss Program will bring in even more revenue by helping you to diversify your businesses offerings and bring in a whole new clientele that might other-wise be afraid of movement classes. HY Weight Loss is also the perfect compliment to Hyp-Yoga class offerings.


Enthusiastic Hyp-Yoga Students (aka Word-of-Mouth Power)

Attract New Customers and Retain Current Ones – In tight economic times, it makes sense to want to differentiate yourself in ways that you can clearly see results to your bottom line.

Word of Mouth! Hyp-Yoga clients TALK about what the are doing and they inspire others around them to “want what they have.” Hyp-Yoga classes also create a unique bond between students and instructors that drive them to come back and stay with a class much longer than they would with a traditional yoga class. The two brands also feed clients to each other naturally forming a powerful, profitable relationship.

Low Licensing Fees

You will love the fact that Hyp-Yoga Licensing fees are incredibly reasonable and allow you to be successful quickly. Included in your fees are the rights to use our brands and logos in addition to update training and programs regularly.

Superior Training

Become a Hyp-Yoga Instructor and/or a HY Weight Loss Coach and start changing lives – including your own! You will be trained in both the Hyp-Yoga tools and the HY tools which can be used together or by themselves depending on your needs. The Weight Loss Training Program will prepare you to work with weight loss clients while the Hyp-Yoga program will teach you how to integrate our proprietary set of behavior changing tools into your classes and private sessions.

You can use the Weight Loss Program without Yoga Teaching Instruction, but to teach Hyp-Yoga, you will need to be trained in yoga instruction. Our Yoga Basics Training can be taken by anyone new to yoga instruction. It is a 6 day training that can be later applied to our 200 hour training if you so desire to further your yoga training.

Effective Programming

Our Hyp-Yoga Classes are designed by professionals in the fields of medicine, hypnotherapy, yoga and mind/body techniques. While our Hyp-Yoga Weight Loss Program is our most popular and brings the most people to classes, we also have other programs that reach out to all types of yogis such as…

  • Spring Detox – Mental/Physical/Emotional Spring Cleaning

  • Living in the Present – A Simple and Abundant Life

  • Goal Setting and Success – Clearing Away the Road Blocks

  • Healing – Emotional, Physical, Spiritual

  • Hyp-Yoga Chakra Program – Opening up Your Energy Centers

  • Smaller programs available in Fertility, Stopping Smoking, Staying Youthful & Vibrant, De-stressing, Memory & Learning, Self-Confidence and more to come!

Your HY Weight Loss Programming Includes Workshops and Individual Instruction in the areas:

  • Working with your Weight Loss Clients

  • Systems for Accountability and Change

  • Intro to Ayurvedic Eating/Lifestyle

  • Hormones, Stress Management & Prevention

  • Balancing Your Diet: Proteins, Complex Carbs & Good Fats

  • How to Shop!

  • Ph Balancing & Alkalizing Foods

  • Behavior Change


Our brands continue to be more and more recognized. National media coverage includes…Glamour, Pulse, The Examiner, Healing Lifestyles and Spa, Huffington Post, YahooShine,, American Fitness Magazine, dLuxeList, Basil & Spice, Ammo, Contant Chatter, Better TV, INOmommy, MarvelousGirl, Calming Corners, Fitsmi, SELF Magazine, Elevated Existence Magazine, Health News, Health Status, FitBottomed Girls, Skinny Scoopers, Citizen Telegram, LA CBS News, CBS News Omaha, BV Wellness, AOL That’s Fit,, Ladies Home Journal, KPTM Fox News, Social Workout, Vital Juice, and many other local and regional outlets.

Wholesale Opportunities

All Hyp-Yoga Consumer Products are available for Licensees to purchase for sale to their customers at wholesale prices. (Usually 40-50% off) This includes all DVD programs and audio classes and other clothes/mats/ accessories.