NEXT LIVE TRAINING: Weight Loss Coach Training, Dec. 14-15 in Omaha, NE

If you do not already have Level 1, this can be taken AT HOME before Weight Loss Coach Live Training.

AT HOME TRAINING: Level One Hypnosis Training is available NOW as an online training – Register on this page for Level One Hypnosis Training.

Screenshot of Hyp-Yoga Hypnosis Online Training.

Screenshot of Hyp-Yoga Hypnosis Online Training.

A Note from Carly, Kim & Becky: We are thrilled to begin teaching you EVERYTHING you will need to know to take your wellness career to the next level or to even start you out from scratch. You will be the expert on behavior change and thought change that reaches even more clients with the powerful backing of Hyp-Yoga’s high-value products and trainings. Today’s the day you finally learn the step-by-step strategies you need to quickly and successfully reach your clients and help them make changes in their lives forever – guaranteeing you and them a life-long relationship for continuing contact and development. HYP-YOGA and HY WEIGHT LOSS TRAINING will show you how. Let’s get started!”  – Carly, Kim & Becky

Read Your Program Overview, Then Register Below!
1. Yes, I understand SPACE IS LIMITED – and that even for distance training we only take a certain number of registrants at a time, so it is important that I act now while registration is currently open, so I can be ready to take on clients as soon as possible.

2. Yes, I understand there are different options in Hyp-Yoga Training, and Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2 Hypnosis Training and for Weight Loss Training. For example, if you want to be a Weight Loss Coach, your training will be $997 total, and you will take Level 1 either live or at home and then you will take Weight Loss Coach Training as a live weekend Dec. 14, 2013.


Program Certification Description Must I be a Yoga Instructor? License? Wholesale Discount Price
HY Level One Hypnosis Certified Hyp-Yoga Instructor/Hypnotist Professional Level – Using Hyp-Yoga to Help Others NO Hyp-Yoga License 50.00% 497
HY Weight Loss Certified Weight Loss Coach HY Weight Loss Specialist Training MUST HAVE LEVEL ONE TRAINING (which can be done distance) NO NO 50.00% 500
Level 2 HY Hypnotist – COMING SOON Level 2 Certified Hypnotherapist Become a Full Certified Hypnotherapist. MUST HAVE LEVEL ONE TRAINING (which can be done distance) NO NO 30.00% 997
HY Yoga Basics Certified Yoga Basics Instructor How to teach basic yoga stretching and strengthening NO NO 15.00% 350


I understand that I can enroll for just one or all of these programs. I understand that this is a comprehensive program that dives deep into how to become a Hyp-Yoga Instructor &/or a HY Weight Loss Expert in guiding clients to behavior change in multiple areas life including weight loss, success, living a full/present life, pain management, life changes, detoxing and so much more.  I also understand I will be given tools to strategically MARKET myself as a Hyp-Yoga and Weight Loss Expert and develop myself as a unique BRAND or GURU in the fields of health and wellness. I understand I can learn and embody all Hyp-Yoga’s products and programs from scratch via these Trainings:

–  Hyp-Yoga Instructor/Hypnosis Trainings –  HY Weight Loss Expert Training
I understand my training DVDs will be sent to me via mail for distance training and when and if there is a live training I would like to participate in, I can do so at any time at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

If I am not already a trained yoga teacher and I want a yoga background, I have the option of also registering for the Yoga Basics Video Training with the option to take it again LIVE anytime it is offered at no additional cost.

3. Yes, I understand that after training, in order to practice the Hyp-Yoga Programs, I must stay active in the Hyp-Yoga Community with a yearly-renewed License ($150) or a Lifetime License ($999). If I only want HY Weight Loss Training, I do not need a license, but will not have access to Hyp-Yoga Programs, just HY Weight Loss Programs.

4. Yes, I understand the Incredible Value of Hyp-Yoga/HY Weight Loss Training and the efforts Carly, Kim and Becky have made to make this information accessible and affordable to businesses and individuals such as myself.

Register for Weight Loss Coach Training, Dec. 14-15 in Omaha, NE

Weight Loss Coach Training –
Have not taken Level 1
Weight Loss Coach Training –
Already taken Level 1
$ 500


Register for Online Level One Hypnosis Training Only – Open Registration