Carly, Becky and Kim, the founders of Hyp-Yoga.

Hyp-Yoga = Hypnosis + Yoga

“Conscious Living with Subconscious Help”

Hyp-Yoga (pronounced hip-yoga because the “hyp” stands for hypnosis) is a empowerment system developed to help you “save your self.”  All our classes, workshops, MP3s and DVDs are designed to help you live a vibrant, conscious life through subconscious help or “brain hacks” and shortcuts that help you create new, positive behaviors and thought patterns, so that you can focus on what is truly important in life – connecting with family and friends and creating your own, unique art in this world.

The tools we use are methodologies taken from ancient wisdom (the yoga) and modern science (the hypnosis). Yoga is often a necessary tool to get our body/mind connection even more in sync so that as we move into a meditative, hypnotic state, we can begin to make lasting changes in our lives.


Hyp-Yoga has a team of professional experts that have proven track records of success in the health and wellness industries. We have helped thousands of people since 2006 reach their weight loss and health goals in healthy, natural ways.

Here is our core team:

  • Registered Nurse/Certified Hypnotherapist/Yoga Teacher, Kimberly Isherwood, RN, CH
  • Certified Hypnotherapist/Yoga Teacher/Certified NLP Practitioner, Carly Cummings, E-RYT, CH
  • Certified Hypnotherapist/Yoga Teacher, Rebecca Grabner, RYT, CH
  • Doctor Ryan Isherwood, MD & Acupunturist

Watch to see Hyp-Yoga Founders Carly, Becky and Kim explain Hyp-Yoga on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act.  HY Weight Loss uses many tools to aid in NATURAL weight loss including hypnosis and yoga.